Institute Board

DOCi's Board has significant experience in the making, producing or writing about documentary and fiction film, television and digital media. Our Board is cosmopolitan, diverse and highly distinguished. 

Their role is both advisory and participatory. They are expected to attend a skype meeting twice a year to discuss the state of our organization and propose plans for its future. The board is -insofar as logistics work out- also expected to participate in the core projects of the organization through the giving of master classes, through project supervision, lectures, seminars and the like. 

The term length for appointment to the Board of Affiliates is three years, renewable based on mutual interest.


Irfaan Fredericks

Monde Kawana

Beverley Mitchell

Bertram Fredericks

Eran Tahor

Laurence Dworkin

Stevan Buxt



Professor Daniel Herwitz-

Frieda Ekotto -

Anne Pitcher -

Michael Steinberg -

Marsha Kinder -













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