Course Structure and Fees


The courses are available to all students at university level, and are structured within three broad parameters:

Basic Skills Course

The Basic Skills Course is designed for students with no background in the media/film world. We teach competencies in all of the key disciplines – conceptualization, scripting, camera work, sound recording, editing and post-production – to enable the students to emerge with a 15 minute film.

Enhanced Skills Course

The Enhanced Skills Course is designed for those students with a background in media, film studies and fine art who have some basic understanding and competencies within the discipline. The course will build on this basic knowledge to deliver a skills package that will enable the student to expand their knowledge and explore a broad range of topics for their documentary film.

Specialised Course

The Specialised Course is tailored primarily to those students who have no background in audio visual studies and is designed to equip them with the the skills to make a film addressed to the requirements of a more specific curriculum. For example if  students were engaged in ethnographic study then course would be adapted to support such research. We would require six weeks prior notice of any such specialisations to arrange the visiting lecture schedules and identify possible areas of research and scholarship.


International Students

The tuition fees for eleven weeks are USD $5,600. The fees include:

  1. All tuition, master classes, multi disciplinary workshops and access to any libraries, archives and research facilities

  2. All necessary state of the art gear with appropriate hardware and software to complete the program

  3. Daily transport to and from the school, and to and from locations

  4. On set supervision by a local fixer to ensure a smooth and successful shoot

  5. A midday meal during the school day and on location

  6. Final hard copy DVD of the documentary



While making all of the necessary arrangements for living and accomodation while in South Africa, the fees DO NOT cover:

  1. Flights to and from South Africa

  2. Accommodation

  3. Food (aside from daily meals during the course and while filming)

  4. Phones, IT and Internet costs away from the course venue

  5. Extra-curricular weekend activities


NOTE: Film Crews will be supported by DOCi's Mict-Seta students providing on-set assistance and training.


Registration must be completed 4 weeks prior to commencement.

Upon receipt of confirmation, prospective students will receive a comprehensive reading list, advice on visas, travel insurance, flights, details on accommodation, clothing, safety in Cape Town, medical and dental, consular services, and IT service.