Week 1

Introduction to the documentary film. Critical viewings of seminal works. The relationship between fact and fiction. The role of the narrator and narrative tropes within documentary. Developing critical awareness.

Pitching – the students will pitch three documentary concepts from which one will be chosen as the project for the term.

Script development – emotional and conceptual relevance. The narrator. How to structure the narrative.

Master class with visiting lecturer.

Muti disciplinary workshop. Film exercise. The students will fill different roles on each workshop so that by the time of shooting they are confident working in their crews and have a variety of skills.

Self study, reflective journal and skills catchup.

week 2

Critical viewings. Subjectivity and objectivity. The objective narrator. The fallacy of balance. Relativism and comment versus hard facts. The fact/value distinction.

Pitching the refined concept. Panel feedback, repitching in the afternoon. Archival, public domain and found sources.

Script – structure, format and content.

Master class.

Multi Disciplinary workshop.

Self study. Writing, skills catchup, reflective journal.

week 3

Critical viewings: Style – editing style tropes, shooting and lighting, framing, score.

Master class

Script. Developing the argument. Story beats. Style.

First draft – peer review and critical staff feedback.

Multi disciplinary workshop

Self study, rewriting, skills catchup and reflective journal.